Let the magic of life remind you of your own miracles. - Shaa Zainol

Welcome to the 7venth Dimension.

Greetings, I am 7ven.

A Full embodiment of a Creatrix.

What is a Creatrix you ask ? Well according to GoddessFlowLove.com, "A Creatrix is a women who is deeply connected to herself as a Woman and the Feminine Source of Creative power. She gives rise to desires, gives birth to ideas and life of all kinds. She dreams courageously and trust so deeply in the intrinsic co-creative connection she shares with the Divine and the Natural World."

So as a Creatrix, I am here to give birth to creations and creative designs of all kinds. Versatility and Self Expression are the power sources of my creative drive. Here on this website you will witness various visual expressions that I find freedom within. Planet7ven is more than a brand, it is a mecca of creative outlets fueled by love, passion, curiosity, and spirituality. Specializing in photography, creative / art direction, surrealism artistry, and tarot reading. Let's not forget about content creation, which weaves in my new venture. Awake & Sex Talk & Taboo Convos podcast. A light & "dark" concept infused within a series of visual & audio segments. Located on Youtube, Patreon, and for audio RSS.com

Planet7ven is an evolutionary existence that is formed and generated from all three eyes.

Grand Rising,

I am

Thais aka - 7ven

Some know me also as the Phoenix or 7ven. I am here to bring the spiritual to the physical. At least that's what my life purpose card says. (7ofclubs). I am a published Model & photographer, Artist, Creative Director, Tarot Reader, and content creator. As of recently I have taken on the role of a Podcast host. I have always been the odd ball out. But through my uniqueness I have bloomed into many versions of myself that I truly embody and infuse into all of my self expressions.

Now that I am older, I wanted to shape the way we as humans view individuality and purpose.

I truly believe everyone is here for a divine purpose. Building and breaking, envisioning and executing.

I am a versatile Creator. A Creatrix that breaks social normalities while forming new REBELLIOUS ways of becoming. I'm looking to expand on what we as a collective have been deemed the truth since birth. I am a mystic that believes in the depths of the universal principles of existence. I truly believe we have all been chosen to execute our own personal magic and human design. Question for you as the reader :What is your soul's purpose? Your calling ?

Be brave enough to answer the call.

*Browse through my website and find what you connect with the most ! There is so much to see and so much to dive into. It would be my honor for you to get inspired and to build up a new dream to execute ! If you can envision it., you can create it. -


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