New Moon in Pisces

I mean it is not just about the spiritual aspect of the realms. It is the cycle of life, the cycle of love, the cycle of friendships, the cycle of business, and most importantly the cycle of self. How do you practice balance and understand that the dark & light are meant to compliment you in many ways ! As we learned to give light to our dark shadows from the Leo Full Moon a couple weeks ago. We will learn how to detox what still lies within us, and also what what has been weaved into our generational & ancestral DNA. Where the pain roots & where the victories were captured. I feel deeply that this moon in here to bring those areas back from past into your present. Pay attention to the signs, your dreams, your thoughts, and the lessons people will teach you during these times. There is a life lesson that is here to either heal your past life or bring a new beginning in that will forever change your destiny. Let's dive in - 7ven

Journal Prompts

How can you dig more into your families past ?

What scares you the most about yourself ?

What have you learned from your most recent partner relationship/connection ?

How can you attend to your body more & trust it ?

Are you afraid of your shadows ? Why ?

Who hurt you the most to where it affects your present relationships ?

How can you detox your lifestyle more often ?

In what ways can you start finding healthier ways to cope ?

What makes you feel out of control & why ?

Let's write together ⛈️🌦️☀️ -7ven