Today's Taurus Horoscope for December 7, 202

"You need to get something off your chest, but who can you trust?  Trust your common sense and avoid opening up to any tea-spillers and busybodies in your midst, Taurus." Wow right when I felt like this is my energy, fight or flight mode here comes the Astro-Twins (By the way if you are seeking a reliable ON POINT daily or monthly horoscope ) giving my moon sign confirmation. I am about ready to move. And as a Crab Sun, I will moon walk side ways and be out this bitch quicker than you can blink bruh. I am nice until provoked. Everything has been so foggy , unpredictable, and inconsiderate. I don't know who to trust, and who to chat with when it comes to my plans and my position at work, my business, and even my feelings. I feel like every time I discuss how I feel people sympathize & then slap me across the face with distant "support". I'm about here *inserts imaginary high hand level*. I wouldn't crave recognition if I wasn't providing it outward. "STOP looking for recognition" yeah no shit sherlock I already know. But when so many people are following you and you engage with their posts, they tell you in person they like your posts and you even see them get inspired by you, but don't wanna support how would you feel ? They want my blessings, want to collab, but don't support. I am really feeling like I'm in the wrong region with the wrong fake people. I shouldn't have to wear a thong to get likes if the people that follow me are within the same industry as me. Maybe they are envious of me. Maybe yes. However, the non- support makes me question if this is something that I am meant for. Is this my purpose ? Should I question who I am because of their lack of support ? Or should I search for a new soul tribe that can understand reciprocity without resistance.

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