i MEAN i GUESS... *eyeroll*

There is always a situation that is forming that is completely out of my control, and quite frankly I hate it. A pessimist when it comes to out of my control change. It's a radical consideration, but a factual examination. When things change, (Things as in situations, people, environment, etc. ) we as humanity have to brace ourselves for what's to come. Whether there is someone who doesn't deserve to be in power creates havoc where ever they step foot. Or even if we get cheated on, lied to, stolen from etc.

The challenge is...maintaining sanity. Accepting that change is inevitable even if it's against our wishes, time, and or wants & needs. I mean I would probably go out kicking and screaming because ya girl hates making continuous master plans to abandon ship and prioritize relocating to a new ship. At times it becomes an over-exertion to plan and then have to erase everything that has been formulated for the current work week or quarter of the year. Although I can complain about this forever *eyeroll*, let's shift focus onto embracing unsolicited change.

Let's find ways to embrace the "Tower Moment", as a way to expand our horizons and pave way for future opportunities. The sky is the limit and our future is calling. So why not be optimistic about what could possibly enter in because we have officially made space for what's to come ! Of course we may despise the inevitable but lessons and curve balls make us stronger. It builds a sense of strength and willpower. The self discipline that forms without us even recognizing the muscle building. The glory that comes from the overall redemption of war. The grind that sticks with us through our blood and with our reputation.

Who you become from embracing the inevitable is a remarkable sight. Seizing to exist are the very thoughts that told you, you can't. Of course through the darkness it's always a slay for the shadow demons that try to hinder your very inclination of excellence. Those demons are your very own thoughts of torture. With your fear

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