You Ever Feel Physically Here - But Mentally somewhere Else ?

There's always this feeling of fears between me & other people

The development of trust is not easy, and the abandonment issues create a wedge

I am someone who sometimes runs in many circles that it causes me to lose out on

certain things. Taking accountability is hard for me because I have my side & I see things from their side

I am a growing pain trying to seek her voice & recognize the gold within her expression.

I need a day to turn off my phone & to focus on what's important to me without the

distractions of the world. I must be alone with my thoughts & clean my space to reimagine

the environment that I'm in. I am pushing myself to fight my procrastination. And building a new

foundation around my vision. I must make space and release the mask so that the

truth & honestly can formalize within my soul.

I am emerging different now. I am thinking different now. I am able to see things from both sides

and I am able to recognize where I am moving wrong or how I should've handled things

differently & that takes strength. I am becoming who I am meant to be. I am slowly

evolving into a phoenix.

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