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This page is designed to facilitate a meeting point for those who are curious about spirituality or even just to book a session to gain clarity ! I want to leave this opportunity and door open for those who choose to walk in. Feel free to connect with me and leave your information below ! I can not wait to vibe with you ! Chao ! - 7ven

Individual Readings ⤵

Pay Here 🫒 ⤵

🌍 Earth Bound | Option 0

44 Mins $55 | $10 extra for an 1Hr.

This is a 8 card spread /reading that connects your current waves to your ancestral waves. We discuss areas that seem unaligned and dig into those depths to uncover areas beneath the surface. I pull from the present energy to complete your 6 card spread and really cultivate any wisdom you need to be guided towards your true north ! Let's dive in & explore your world.

🧿 Level 7ven

Option A | 10 Card Spread | 1Hr. |88$

This session connects us to the universe, your ancestors, and most importantly, your inner universe. I will guide us through some breath work that will help you relax and unlock dimensions beneath your default limitations. I will then guide us through a mediation that was require you to tap into your soul's messages & help facilitate the connection between you & your ancestors. I will burn sage, copal, or Palo Santos to cleanse your aura & the space that connects us. We will then dive deep into your intentions for the guided reading + create journal prompts, and exercises you can always gravitate towards to bring more awareness + facilitate growth in all areas. This reading will be an hour long, and we will cover past, present, future, love, and business. And close out with a prayer.

💌 🌹Cupid

Opt. B | 8 Card Spread - 44 mins | 44$

Let's take a dive into Venusian like energy. I will spray the atmosphere with rose water + burn a love candle to manifest positive energy. We will discuss your love life and how to fully tap into your divine femme or masculine. I will then magnify ways on how to help you heal generational patterns, form new patterns, but also build a stronger relationship with yourself so that energy stretches outward to all your current relationships. I am here to help cleanse your current space, and welcome in a new type of energy for your space + heart + and connections. And most importantly get rid of what is not working !

📈 Ceo

Opt. C | 44 Mins | 44$

I want to cover all avenues with this read. We may be discussing business, but I want to see what holding you back, what can be adjusted, and who may be triggering your growth. I will surround us with smokey quartz that is good for protection, and creating a grounded like energy to help you keep focus. We will map out a couple ways you can facilitate more productive actions to help you build + cultivate your chosen reality. You'll need a notebook for this one ! You are capable, and I will gladly guide you into a direction that amplifies your magic !

Astrological DNA 🔅

Big 3 | Opt D. 1

$33 🌞

What makes you, you ? Let's discuss your Sun (Ego), your Ascendent or Rising (your outward personality) and your Moon (emotions). We will talk about how this affects your relationships, your destiny, and what occupations you could potentially be dope at ! 

Level 1 | Opt D. 2

$66 ⭐️

This reading I will be giving you a detailed description of your sun sign all the way to Jupiter. And how you move through the world with each placement. 

Level 2 | Opt D. 3

$77 🌘

Let's dive into the depths of your sun to your astrologically chosen Black Moon Lilith full birth chart reading. With descriptions of each placement, planned, Chiron placement, and your dark shadow energy. 

Level 3 | Opt D. 4


With this advanced read of your birth chart, we will dive into the full capacity of your sun to the otter astroids of your chart. We will do some breath work & connect to your ancestors with regards of your destiny + prophecy here on earth. May your journey begin. 

Level 4 | Opt D .5

$99 💫

With this mirroring option, we tap into the energy of synastry. Diving into two worlds between you and another or you and another place (city or country). This is a detailed read of how you two will evolve or if there is an inevitable end. I would love to give a small 3 card tarot or oracle reading before I read your charts. Giving us a smooth introduction from the realms into a world of possibilities. Let's tap in & discuss the details of your capability.

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